SKC and SmarkDisk DVD-R

Which of these two is better? Has anyone used these?


I want to buy some DVD-R media and have the choice between those two, but I wonder which of these two brands is the better one. I also want to know what’s the people’s experience with these brands of DVD-R media.

Originally posted by Bloody Aztec
Which of these two is better? Has anyone used these?

Where do you live and from which retail stores can you buy SKC DVD-R media? (SK is mainly a South Korean petroleum company.)

I do not recommend SKC at least. They have the capability to produce DVD recordable media but are not really interested enough to do so. Instead of buying OEM-branded DVD media, buy one of these:

Cheapest: Princo
Next cheapest: Ritek (better quality than Princo)
Expensive but highest quality: Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Maxell, TDK made in Japan

Most cheap DVD-R media around on the web are re-branded disks imported from either Princo or Ritek and just add confusion and cost more than the original.

I live in Canada, these are canadian online items…

Guess I’ll just order some Riteks from the US…