SK from bin or iso file


When I have a iso file from my game and I burn it with a normal toaster program, is it after I burned the iso to cd possible to make a cc backup copy of the cd incl. the copy protection. The copy protection on the original cd was sd 2.9.

Thank you guys

If you use general software on the market, a copy protected cd would normally fail any attempt to be copied. The burn will most of the time be unsuccessful by failing at a certain percentage or freezing the PC. However, sometimes it will make a copy, leaving the protection out, rendering the backup useless as when it checks for the protection, and the protection is not there, the game or software will NOT run (unless in some cases emulated). CloneCD as well as some other RAW mastering burning software prevail in that they manage to copy the protection, as well as the contents of an original protected cd.

Your question:
Is it possible to throw the protection back in if a regular copy is made?
NO, however, there may be some hope with emulation.

Best solution:
Use a good program such as CloneCD, to read and write the original cd you have. CloneCD had a bug with SD2.9, but you can use it in conjunction with FireBurner to make a working image. Just make an image using CloneCD and include a .cue file.
A program called DiscJuggler can also do this alone.
If you have latest CloneCD4.3.x.x then you should nt have a problem.

Further, you need to have a 2 sheep burner. What CDRW drive do you have?

I have a Plextor 708A and please explain me what this mean “2 sheep / 1 sheep” burner". Are we dealing with sheeps - than I must take my dog :bigsmile: - I have no idear what it means 2 sheet / 1 sheep burner.


The term “sheep” represents a rating about a feature on your CDRW.

The basic specifications of the ratings are,
If you have a 0 Sheep drive then you should get a new one.
If you have a 1 Sheep drive then you should be able to back up some copy protections and use emulation on the rest.
If you ahve a 2 Sheep drive then you should be able to copy all copy protections without emulation.

These specifications are somewhat mudded with the newest copy protections and not all 2 Sheep drives can copy all protections. I think even some 1 Sheep drives sometimes to better. In the SafeDisc 2.51 version the quality of your hardware becomes important. No all drives can copy SafeDisc 2.51 and above properly.

And what is now the 708A. A 1, 2 or a “flock of sheep” burner?


Well, when CloneCD was owned by Elaboratebytes, they hosted a webpage with a list of all compatible writers. I do nto know how it works with DVD-burners, but why should it be any different. Since Slysoft does not have this supported writers page, and nobody at cdfreaks here seems to have at any point saved it, I suggest you do a sheep test.

It’s a program made by one of the members here, try it and see if it helps, even if you don’t have a toshiba to copy data back from the burn.

Check it out here:

Based on your post in the sheep test thread, yes you have a 2 sheep burner but its not a 3 sheep burner (which there is not one yet known to exist. You should be able to make a copy. Get Fireburner and use the trial. Make a CloneCD image with a .cue file and then burn it with Fireburner. It should work.