Size vs Time



I have some cartoons that I want to put on DVD. They are all about 20 minutes long and about 175 mb. If a DVD is 4.7 gb or 120 minutes why can I only squeeze 4 on it as they come to no more than 85 mins in total?
They were already compressed with xvid but I thought I’d go again with divx which got them down from 175mb to 130 mb. I then loaded each, separately, into Nero Vision and they both took up the same, 1.23 gb!
Would compressing and so giving the .divx ext mean a dvd could only be viewed on a divx certified device?
Lastly, what is the difference between .avi compressed with divx or xvid which keeps the .avi ext and .avi compressed with divx or xvid that becomes .divx/.xvid?



Nero Vision is re-encoding your divx into mpeg2 since you are making a dvd. You can burn your xvid or divx straight onto a dvd as data files if you like. If your player is capable of playing divx, it should be able to run these divx encoded files from your disk. Many newer players have this capability.

Divx and Xvid are both more highly compressed than mpeg2—that is why your 130mb files turn into 1.23gb. They may also be a different resolution.

The other solution is to encode all of them to dvd compliant mpeg2 format, then run the whole thing through DVDShrink to get it to fit onto a single dvdr. You would be processing the video twice, so I don’t know if the quality would be acceptable for you. If you go this route, I would start with the xvid files straight to dvd compliant mpeg2. And I would use a better encoder than Nero if at all possible.


With Nero Vision Express you can reduce the bitrate to keep the size close to the original size. For example…you can reduce the bitrate to whatever is necessary to keep the 175 MB divx at that 175 MBs in DVD format.

click on ‘More’ >> Video Options >> DVD-Video tab >> Bitrate.