Size of FLAC file



Hi. I have two versions of a song downloaded from the internet, one is .flac the other .wv (or Wavpack). The flac file is 36.1MB (bitrate 969 kbps).

Out of curiosity, I converted the wv file to flac using an audio editor (Wavepad) with compression level set to 5. The resulting flac file is only 16.7MB (bitrate 451 kbps), less than half the size of the other flac.

I’m struggling to comprehend how this can be. Presumably, whoever made the flac which I downloaded did so by ripping a CD through an audio editor. The wv file is, as far as I know, the equivalent of CD so why is my flac conversion so much smaller?

Grateful thanks for any suggestions.


The .wv file is not a .wav file .
It was already compressed when you DLed it .
I’m sure if you check its size when DLed it is smaller.
So smaller in smaller out.


Thanks for that. I did indeed assume wv=wav. The wv is 56Mb.


I don’t have WavePad & I don’t intend to purchase it .So I used the converters I do have.
I have two that will convert to a .wv file . Format Factory which I don’t use because of limited settings . foobar2000 is what I used.
From a 47.01 MB (0% Compressed) .wav file to a 24.24 MB (49% Compressed) .wv file . That is the least compression foobar2000 would allowfor the wavpac .wv format.
I then used dBpowerAmp to convert the .wv to .FLAC . The result was this:
47.04 MB (0% Compressed) .flac .
So it converted to almost the same size as the original .wav .

dBpoweramp is my prefered converter . I use the free after trial version & an older version. Neither will convert to .wv but have no problems converting from .wv .
I suggest you give it a try. ( You may need to visit the codec area of dBpowerAmp site. I have most of those installed). If you do use the “Lossless Uncompressed” setting for FLAC.


Thanks for that. I’m not interested in .wv though. The events mentioned in my first post were merely done out of curiosity. Wavepad is a great tool but if it ever fails I have Audacity to fall back on.


I don’t use .wv either . That’s why I had to create one out of a .wav file just to work with .
foobar2000 didn’t have a way to use no compression but reported it as lossless even when it compressed it 49% . So I don’t beleive that. Just listening to the file sounds OK.
To me .wv is a format few use & if a question hadn’t been asked I wouldn’t have worked with it this time.
I would guess the download you got from the internet was done in .wv to save size.