Size of DVD


I want to know the real size which I can use for data at DVD.

I read out the value with Nero DiscSpeed but there is a minimal discrepancy. So later I read that the ISO 9660 Standard has a sector size of 2kb. But I had only 5 Files so the discrepancy could only be max 10kb. But CDBurnerXP says -1,3MB. So, I saw with CSBurnerXP, that the empty DVD has 1,44MB taken.
For what is this 1,44MB? What is the accurate value? Is this at all standars?

Another question: Is there a problem to fill the DVD completly till the last byte?

I need this information because I wrote a program thats calculate the best division for many files to minimal count of DVDs. So, I need the max value to fill the DVD.
So, I the same questions I have for CD and BluRay.

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Basically you’ll fit about 4.35GB max on a single layer if that’s all you need to know.

On the technical side have a look at:

Thx for the link. It’s helpful but I have to looking deeper if there is time.