Size of copy

Curious…maybe someone can answer…I used to use DVD Shrink until I went to DVD Fab…can anyone tell me why DVD shrink makes the movies 4.35 GB…using the entire disk and it seems more times than not DVD FAB make them 4.17? wouldn’t it make sense to use the entire space giving you better quality? And these are movies that are not 100% either…they will not fit entirely.

The default size of fab is 4300 mb total shrink is 4464,you can change it in the settings on both apps if you wish

mine was set to 4472, which still leaves the unanswered question as to why it stops at 4.17?

Because it is the default size-Please read up on such things as 1gb =1024mb,maybe you will understand better.

Also, it’s not always adviseable to burn movies all the way to the edge. As you get closer to it depending on the quality of your media, the dye starts to thin and flaws and errors can occur more frequently. So, as a precausion, Fab I believe, sets it’s default at 4.17. ~ Mike

thanks…that is a much more relevent answer…although I never had problems with dvd shrink at 4.35…thanks again

Sure thing sandenscot, also welcome to the forum. ~ Mike