Size Limit - test thread



I[m trying to post a ? to the Newbie forum. I’m trying this short msg here to see if there might be a size limit within a forum. Moderator - feel free to delete this if you choose. In the Newbie forum, I’m getting “Page Cannot Be Displayed - Cannot find server or DNS error” everytime I try to pose my ? Let me try this shorter one here.


A shorter msg here made it in! I’ll have to try trimming my explanation over in Newbie land.


Well, it would have been better if posted in the Forum forum, if that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think it was fair :slight_smile:


Break it up into seperate posts, if needed.


No size limit that I’m aware of.


Perhaps the error message was generated due to a temporary server unavailability. If your question somehow becomes very long (like 1,000 lines of 80 ch. per line), write it on a text editor and post it using attachment.


But there are no problems posting huge error reports from CD Burning software.


I still cant post my safedisc guide due to a pictue amount limit :frowning:


They aren’t that long. :slight_smile:


Send it to me. I can host even a 1TB guide. :bigsmile:


1TB??? That’s crazy!! Let’s try and make a 1TB guide to fill Kenny’s space;)


If you just want to find out whether I really meant it, copy and paste just one 1MB guide to 1 milion folders and transfer to me. (If you have completed creating the 1TB guide folder, let me know!)


There is a limit to the number of characters that can be used in a post.
Dunno for sure if it is different per forum.

If a post needs to be that long, you may consider 2 things:

  1. break it up into 2 or more posts (preferred)
  2. write it in notepad and attach the file to your post


We can do it by making it a video guide at 60fps 1600x1200 res uncompressed AVI, and move the mouse rrrrreeeaaallll sssssllllooooowww.

Problem is my upload speed is 250kbps, and i have a 15GBp/m bandwith limit :frowning:


Two tips:

2048*1536 is better.

Have multiple lines.

Good luck!


I just realised I only have 450GB of space i could use fior this, crap :frowning:


Get a few 500GB Maxtor drives. :slight_smile:


The maximum number of characters allowed is 1,000,000
If your post is longer than that, you should receive a message that your post is too long and you should shorten it. You should not get a “page cannot load” error due to this.

I don’t know what the problem could be, had a similar problem when trying to edit certain thread titles (only 2 times of all my edits so far).

Perhaps there are special characters that are not accepted? You could try this with a different title and in a different forum. You can then leave me a message to which forum and with what thread title you would like the post should be moved and edited.


OK, I missed the attachment method. Let me give that a try. I do see other posts (stickies, for example) that appear way longer than mine. But, let’s waste no more time on this. You’ve given me the answer, let me try.

(And I still don’t understand why a cut/paste with plain ASCII won’t fire…)


For some reason, tonight, I tried it and it worked - without trimming or using the attachment. I stuck it in a better forum too - over in Nero-InCD.

Thanks to all who helped me.