Six more Universities take on Napster to avoid RIAA suits

I just posted the article Six more Universities take on Napster to avoid RIAA suits.

 Six more US Universities have signed up for Napster's service in an aim  to discourage music piracy and protect their students from RIAA's  lawsuit campaign.  Like Napster's 


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I think that this should be one of those ‘opt-out’ programs, where you have to fill in some forms saying you will never use the service and stuff, then hand it into your financial services or whatever, then they deduct three dollars off your account owing. That way it’s fair to all students, including the poor ones who need to grab at every mac & cheese dollars they can get.

Isnn’t this like extortion or some other legal term. The RIAA seems to be saying, if you don’t use Napster, we will sue your students. And what about the other music services? Why Napster? Is there some kind of deal between the RIAA and Napster?

The RIAA is not threatening to sue; they ARE suing. The universities simply want to show that they are making a big effort to stop illegal file sharing.