Six Hidden Windows 8 Features You Can’t Live Without

Windows 8 can take some getting used to. While the desktop app works very much like Windows 7, there are plenty of new shortcuts, options, and tricks built into the operating system. Think you know how to use it like a pro? Here are a few Windows 8 features that you probably haven’t found yet.



Gee. I used to joke about making Windows 50% faster. NOW we have to fret about our mere existence, about LIVING?!! Wow. Windows Hype is getting pretty darned serious!

I can’t wait for the Free Food & Drug Administration to come down on these writers and insist they post all the death-causing research that they’ve done.

“Warning - if you read this article, you’ll get a phone call and then you’ll only have 7 days to live-!”

Ahem… can’t live without, eh? I wonder if Vegas is posting Over & Unders on this article, and will that author accept all of those bets?

They forgot number seven…The ‘Off’ button!

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2671882]They forgot number seven…The ‘Off’ button![/QUOTE]

I asked my sister who hasn’t seen Windows 8 to shutdown Windows 8. Interestingly, after looking at the screen looking around, she found another method that also works, probably based on Google+:

[li]At the Start screen, click your user icon and click ‘Log Off’, then click the Power link and ‘Shutdown’.

When I first used Windows 8 - My technique couldn’t have been simpler. Until I came across the Settings menu method, I just pushed the PC’s power button. :smiley:

Shortcut to quickly close an open App: Alt + F4

Shortcut to quickly close an open App: Alt + F4

This shortcut can also be applied to use as

The ‘Off’ button!

when hit whilst on desktop. Tha will yield a window with some actions e.g. log off, reboot, and so on.

Some people still don’t know about this though.