Six dollars

that is what it just cost me to find out there really IS some kind of problem with a BenQ 1640 burning an ISO to an MKM001 DL disk. :sad:

I have an ISO ripped from the original DVD I just bought (Lord of War) using AnyDVD. I’ve always been using Nero to burn the ISO - so I used Nero twice, once at 4x and once at 2.4x - failed both times at layer break. I then used CloneDVD’s “Write Existing” function and pointed it at the ISO for the source and soon-to-be-coaster number 3 in the BenQ 1640 (BSMB) and it failed again at the layer break. I say it failed at the layer break because it was right at half way in every case.

Figuring well what the hell, I’ve spent six dollars now and I really want to know what is wrong here so I place disk #4 in the LiteOn 1693 in the same PC. Burned at 2.4x using CloneDVD’s “Write Existing” and 35min later, it’s done! :slight_smile:

So I’ll be not using the BenQ to burn DL til I see something about a firmware update that fixes this I guess. And it only cost six dollars! :slight_smile:

the benq 1640 writes on MKM001 media FLAWLESSLY! If you read through this fourm you will/would know that. Your problem lies in the software you use to read/write the image. USE THE SEARCH FEATURE.