Sitecom netwerkkaart



I’ve got the Sitecom networkcard and the box sais that it’s plug & play. but when I build in the (PCI) card and W98 starts, it ask for a dir where the drivers are, but when I say look in a: it can’t find them (in none of the dir’s!), also not in C:\windows or c:\windows\system !!
Can anyone help me out???
Hope to read you’re reply L8r on!!!


Just insert the windows98 cd, there is a big change that the files needed for the sitecom network card are on this cd. (make sure the path is x:\win98 where x = your cd drive)

When you install a network card windows98 needs to set-up his network environment, I found out that some inexpensive network cards don’t ask you to insert the windows98 cd during the installation process.

In most cases the only file that is needed from the network card set-up cd/disk is the hardware configuration file that is named something like oemset95.inf, so make sure that you locate the file with the .inf parameter, the rest is coming from the windows98 cd.