Site Updates 22 July

Tomorrow morning (European time 09:00 GMT + 1) we will start upgrading the news and review section of the website. Together with this change we will also introduce a new CMS system for our editors and we will merge all (frontpage) comments with the forum reactions.

Because we have to merge some databases, the forum will probably be offline for half an hour or something. Also, some bugs may appear but we hope this is limited :bigsmile:

I will keep you all updated and will post more information tomorrow!

The forum is open again. We are still working on stuff (frontpage is still closed at the moment). I will let you guys know more about the updates later today.

Can’t go to front page nor to the news/reviews.

Yes, the frontpage is still closed at the moment. Everybody is working on it here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. Been waiting 6 hours to stop in :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, hold on! fixing bugs…

Everything is back online now.

Please check this thread: for an update & your comments.