Site that spyware or adware in software

Does anyone know of a site or site that tell if spyware or adware will be loaded with a piece of software?

I downloaded “Rip N’ Burn” and was going to install it but upon reading the licence it looked like it would also intall other sofware not related to the orginal program.

So I would like to check it out without having to install it. I have searched google and there are a ton of site but nothing yet for checking out if a certain piece of software contains adware.

I have Spybot and Adware installed already. But still some of these spyware and adware are hard to get rid of.

There used to be a site called Spyware Infested Software List (SISL), but recent attempted access yielded a ‘404’. Site Closed.

I think I should start reading the licenses before I click OK. :eek:

I found this thread at Major Geek forum it old but apparently still valid.

Major Geek Spyware

It seems the software I downloaded has a ton of spyware and adware in good thing I read the licence carefully. Otherwise I would have had to uninstall all the damn spyware and adware.

So I guess I will be deleting Rip N Burn . Good luck to all and keep you computer at least clean.