Site suggestion: Like/Dislike button

Whilst playing the Acronyn game the other day, I was thinking that it would be nice to have a “thumbs up” and possibly a “thumbs down” button attached to each post (a la Facebook “Like”) so that users could indicate approval or otherwise of a post without having to add an essentially content free post of their own to the thread.

What do you think?

Hi :slight_smile:
Many forums now have a “Thanks” button.
This way you get only “Positive” results.
As those who don’t thank you, may have used up their quota for the day. :wink:

The “Thanks” button is a good idea in my opinion and is something I see used on various other forums. :iagree: When one or more users click this button on a post, these usernames are listed below the post on a line saying “The Following User Says Thank You to xxx For This Useful Post:”, followed by a list of the users who gave thanks.

However, I don’t think a “Dislike” or “Thumbs down” button would work well as it can easily be abused, which I’ve seen on forums that use the infamous reputation level system. All it takes is for one user who is really unhappy with someone to cause havoc, e.g. by creating multiple acconts and using each to give a thumbs down rating to posts. For problem posts (e.g. spam), we already have a “Report” post button. A workaround for this could be to change the icon next to “Report” to a “Thumbs down” icon and place a “Thanks” button next to this with a “Thumbs up” icon. :wink:

I think that having a generic “thumbs up” symbol not attached to any reputation or specific text would be more widely useful in this case. Then when clicked on, for example, an Acronym Game post, it could be taken to mean “nice one etc.”, for a Bargain Basement thread, “Thanks”, or for a discussion, “I agree etc.”.

As for the “thumbs down”, I know it’s a controversial one, but I think it has a place as long as it has no meaning outside of itself; it’s purely a way for users to say “I disagree” or “Eeeeeeeew!” with no comeback on poster or clicker.