Site mess with Opera

Aside from the incredibly slow scrolling, questions/replies covered with LG drive images. Will list other problems when I find them. Using Opera 9.62 on Puppy Linux.

Okay. Just swithed to the V2 style and everything is back to normal. Kommish.

Just tried with Opera 10 on W2k. Forum website is permanently reloading :eek:
Switching the style doesn’t help.


I usually use IE7 but thought I would test Opera to see if it was having any problems for me.Everything seems to be working correctly on Vista.I’m using V 9.64.

Firefox just says server error. IE6 has a nice Sprint ad where the sign in space is. This is the first time I have been able to get to here since 6AM it is now5:30PM.

I just gave FF a try & it is working correctly also.For me anyway.Just lucky I guess.
That’s all the browsers I have.IE7,FF, & Opera.

ff, ie8 64 and opera 10 all work ok for me

Wednesday 8AM CST. Every thing is working well.

Agreed, seems to work now.


Just switched back to V1 style and everything seems to be working fine now except for scrolling on the Main/Home page. Scrolling on the Forum page is fine. :slight_smile:

We’ve been checking Opera as well, and everything should be fixed now (including multi quote button). Let me know if you still see any problems.