Site and forum Plex hacked – hacker demands ransom



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The site and forum of the popular media server software Plex have been hacked. In an email send to all affected users, the company recommends to change passwords. The hacker has demanded a ransom and threatens that if his demands are not met he will make all Plex user data public.

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The passwords are hashed and salted, according to Plex.

If true the hacker is blowing alot of hot air…and I do hope that is true they encrypted the data all the hacker can do is post but won’t cause if they can’t break the encryption then they got nothing for their effort.


The Plex servers were hacked yesterday (July 1st). Looking at savaka’s Blockchain page that was linked in the article, it would appear that no transactions have occurred since June 30th. Doesn’t this suggest that ransom hasn’t been paid over the Plex hack?


I hope the ransom isn’t paid, as Savaka doesn’t deserve free money. Then again, I also hope Savaka is caught and arrested, which probably won’t happen.