Site address

as of right now, i can’t visit the site period.

I got to and all that i see are places where pictures should load, and the reviews at the bottom. It also has a banner with a 404 page in it.

So i go to all i got was a 404 error.

So i searched google, thinking there is a mirror or something.

I found

Is down right now? What is the proper link to use to access the news page and the forum?

Ater the server upgrade I think that the DNS server needs to be refreshed/updated.

Hopefully everything will be working as it should later today (my today :wink: )

so is a mirror or just an alternative until the server is up?

Don’t know exactly how things are arranged atm, have not been around much to talk about that to the big bosses…

But the url always works for me… works perfectly well

looks like things are fixed now.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience problems again.

ok it works perfectly well now.