SiS chipsets for socket 478

SiS 661FX+963L, Supports Hyper-Threading Technology

VGA :: Int. Real 256E 3D Graphics (Max. 64MB shared memory)

I’m planning to buy a mainboard with these chipsets. Has anyone got any compatibility problem with them?? Especially with dvd burning? Cause i heard that the VIA chips are quite bad with optical drives.


SiS chipsets, in my opinion, are GREAT in terms of stability for things like burning.

They aren’t always the stellar performers that nVidia or Intel chipsets are, but they win hands-down in the throughput/stability balancing arena.

In other words if you want to listen to some streaming multi-channel audio while copying a file across the SATA bus and burning across the IDE bus and then you want to surf the web all at the same time, there is no better chipset to do that with than a SiS chipset.

Bear in mind it wasn’t always this way. SiS’s Pentium3 chipsets were HORRIBLE. Their SiS735 for Athlons was very stable but also VERY lacklustre in performance. But their 745/746/748 for Athlon were VERY stable if not the fastest, and their Intel chipsets of late have been excellent.

I would really have a look at SiS 655TX (no integrated graphics though) which performs better and is really nice in general. But the SiS611FX is decent, not the best chipset around with integrated graphics though.
SiS735 didn’t have poor performance Gurm, it’s on pair with KT133A using SDRAM and faster than KT266 (pretty much equal to KT266A) using DDR. 745 had it’s issues but 746(FX)/748 are more or less identical except rated FSB speed.
//Danne, using a SiS748 based motherboard right now :-p

SiS661 motherboards if anything are very cheap. :slight_smile:

thx for the tips guys…

actually i’m looking for a mainboard for my old settings, cause the board i’m using now (i845) is very unstable. Anyway, my friend told me that I cannot get a i865 board cause my cpu is P4 2.4b, and the voltage for cpu with i865 is different. I’m still searching through the net about the spec for both i865 & sis661.

Also I would like the new mainboard that can run both onboard sound and pci sound card at the same time. I’m still not sure is it the limitation of the chipset or it’s the functionality of the bios. Anyway, my way to find the one is to read the manual, and if the onboard sound setting has 3 options: “Auto”, “Enabled” & “Disabled”. That should be the way(!?) but i’m not sure…

SiS661 can’t be too good compared to 845. I do most of my computing with this 845 motherboard. I still have some 845G/GL/GV boards. It has only 3 PCI slots and 2 DIMM DDR-SDRAM slots. Thanks god it has at least an AGP slot in addition to the integrated 845 graphics. ICH4 is so outdated. No SATA, no 1000Mbps LAN, no IEEE 1394, no support for Hyper-Threading, no support for dual-core processors. :slight_smile:

Considering the cost and hours to replace 845 motherboard with SiS661 motherboard, it doesn’t look like a great upgrade. You can find 865 and SiS661 specifications on Intel and SiS sites respectively.

thanks Kenshin for the links…

but i’m still not so sure why is my friend said that i865 doesn’t support P4-Northwood 2.4G @533!! May be he’s wrong?

Yeah, i hated that 845 graphic too. The driver was so badly written that it always show me the famous blue screen. And at least the board i’m looking at right now ( supports SATA and Raid0&1…

I don’t see why a 865 motherboard shouldn’t support Northwood 2.4B.

And I am not the only one who experienced that “blue screen” caused by 845G driver failures. :bigsmile: (I use ATI 9700 Pro AGP instead because the onboard 845G graphic can’t support 1920*1200 resolution properly for this monitor.)

A small picture of 8S661FXMP-RZ.

This is mine.

Having two additional channels for drives onboard is always a good option. :iagree: I’m not familiar with graphic performance of 661FX.