Sirius teams with Microsoft to deliver satellite TV to cars

I just posted the article Sirius teams with Microsoft to deliver satellite TV to cars.

  At home  we take broadcast TV such as terrestrial, cable or satellite for granted,  however when it comes to in-car entertainment it is not possible to bring cable  TV to the car, virtually...
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What the hell ever happened to enjoying the sscenery on your trips? WHen I was a kid we drove all across Canada and the sights were gorgeous. The trees, the wildlife, the mountains. How the hell are you ever going ot learn anything about the places you are traveling to if you are not going to see what it looks like befor the Americans decide to bomb it. :d

Too right, Ranmacanada! I agree with you. Playing TV or DVD while driving can be quite dangerous. There were a few incidents in Autralia when idiots started watching DVD while driving…Not too smart! The bottom line is I’ve shifted away from MicroSH*T…so anything from this company I don’t want…

Heysus El Christo!!!..just what the average incompetent driver needs…if mobile phones, in car DVD or 400 watt goomsha players are not enough of a distraction, shit, lets get pissed and watch satelite TV while we’re driving down the road at 80. I wonder if the clown at MS and sirius will take responsibility for the increase in the road death/accident toll…I’m guessing not…talk about irresponsible…they should have small plugs of TNT inserted into their anus…:X

My thoughts exactly on this guys. What the hell happened to keeping your eyes on the road instead of what’s happening on the TV? Someone needs to put and end to this crap. It’s bad enough that people are using their cellphones when they drive, we need to worry about dumbasses watching Jerry Springer and not watching the road…which they should be doing once you get behind the steering wheel of a car. RoC

There are beautiful landscapes to watch while travelling on the back seat, but not when we’re on a tarmac surrounded 100 mile highway you must drive in order to get to work everyday with your children in the back seat. If there is no point on watching TV in a car or other video( back/front seat; moving or not) why do car entertainment makers invest on producing tv tuners and putting it on their devices? And not only the Chinese do so! I wellcome this iniciative from sirius. I really hope others will follow, for competition and thus lower prices. Maybe it would also compete with the other TV service providers. In my country, to be able to watch 35 miserable cable channels I have to pay 50€ per month (50 usd aprox.) when the minimum national wage is 350€ per month!!!Sorry! Got a little carried away…:S