SirDavidGuy's Guide to pressing search!

The amazing stratagy of clicking the search button! It’s as if the question that you’ve decided to waste other peoples’ time in asking had somehow already been answered! It’s amazing but true!

(Note: If you don’t use search already, than you most probably do not have the required skills, like the ability to read and an IQ above 50)

Step 1: Press the search button:

Step 2: Enter your search

It’s as easy as that!

Oh, so that’s how you do it! Just kidding - scientific IQ tests show my Intelligence Quotient around 138…

But yeah, SirDave has got a point here. It does get irritating and annoying when you see same questions over and over again. For example, how many GTA3’s are floating around there right now?

iq is based on the assumption that the one making the test is smarter than the one taking the test…just a lil thought @ u :slight_smile:

and i dont mind many questions of a similar nature over time, but seeing 6-7 consecutive mohaa questions is annoying. is anyone else counting the days til warcraft 3? 4.5 million preorders? i see the entire clone forum first page being 'how do i backup securom new? etc etc etc

Maybe we need a bigger button? :bigsmile:

Hmm, it is a shorter version of what I wrote here a long time ago:


Or maybe we should color the search button green and the post button red… :wink:


If you really want to talk about illegal activities, I’d suggest you take it somewhere else, because if you do it once more here you can guess what the consequences will be


Maybe this would help :slight_smile:

This could help as well.