Sinking (sync) feeling



edit dvd old tv stuff, converting with vso then into ulead 5 to edit, final
full edit, sound out of sync,soundcard m audio 24/192 xp 3gig of ram I use this machine for making music no problems!Converting with VSO the log says output stream 48khz yet soundcard states 44khz?
any answers and does anyone know of a good editing program


If you are editing DVD VOB files, I would suggest Mpeg Video Wizard DVD.
Otherwise there is a lots of software to choose from.

Sound card has nothing to do with your existing audio. For DVD it has to be 48 kHz.
You can get GSpot (free) to check what you really have there.
Sync problem is most likely your editing software.


thanks I’ll check the software you stated.I mentioned the soundcard only to avoid further questions on hardware/software issues,Ulead seems to have this sync problem as a archivist I know had alegit version and this did the same but randomly through an edit.