Singles2 bugs

I have purchased a PC review with a legal copy of Singles 2 as a gift.
I have these kind of problems:

  1. At a certain moment it is impossible to load a previously saved game. The screen became black and the cursor remains a “ZZZZ”.
    Sometimes it is possible to load the game using the autosave, but also this
    very often fails.
  2. Sometimes a member is blocked in a certain position and it is impossible
    to act with him/her. The only solution is to close the game and restart with
    the last saved game. (if you have success).
    I tried to improve the game using the patch 1.3.
    I receive a message that the program is legally purchased and so proceeded with the patch.
    I have been asked to restart the PC and when I tried to play the gama a security panel appeared asking to insert the Singles2 dist and press retry.
    But nothing happen, the game do not starts and the security panel remains
    asking Retry, Sistem Info and Exit.
    Exploring the disk I noted that all programs (autorun, setup, etc.) are contained in one folder named Singles. Maybe could be this the reason
    for what the security panel does not “see” the disk (also if original)???
    Please help me. Many thanks.