Single Title Editing Program?



When I look at a full or partial, finalized or non-finalized, DVR on my Stand Alone player, the menu shows what has been recorded “by Title.” I can highlight these titles and copy ONE title only to the harddrive on the stand alone unit.

I would like to be able to do the same thing on my computer. Every program I have looked at so far only allows me to copy the entire dvd from which I then have to edit/cut to get the one title I want to play with.

Anyone know of any programs that might do this??? Thanks///bobbo.


DVDShrink, Reauthor mode.
DVD Decrypter, file mode.
ReJig, file mode.
There are others.


Thanks Reboot==

you gave me my key to all the programs==try all the “modes”. For me, Decrypter works and gives me what I want in the “Ifo-I” mode==it shows the Title Number and associated chapters. Too bad it won’t show the names, but knowing that, it becomes workable. It works on non finalized write once media as well (hooray!!).

Thanks much. bobbo.