Single Speed Burning

I have some masters which I need to remaster and re-burn at single speed so as to get a really good and accurate copy…most burners now support very high cd burning speeds. My problem is finding some burner that will burn at single speed. Anyone recommend any hardware that will do this? :slight_smile:

If you just select 16x as the burn speed that’ll effectively be what you get. The burner will reach 16x very quickly & stay there for the duration.

How is burning @ 16x the same as single speed real time?
Sorry am I missing something here?
I was asking for a burner that would take the same time to burn my cd as its full programme time. So if my cd is 60mins long…in theory a single speed burner should take 60mins to burn… :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise that you meant burning at 1x. Single speed meant to me the same speed throughout the burn.

I doubt that any of the modern CD burners will drop that low, maybe 4x would be the lowest. Also finding media that burns well at that speed might be difficult.

Most modern burners will do a very good job at 16x with quality media (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden) and most people find this perfectly acceptable.

The new Plextor PlexWriter Premium2 drive will go as low as 2x burning on CD-R media, and I know of no current consumer drive that will burn at 1x.

But as TimC said, you can get excellent results with some modern burners at much higher speeds, and all speeds at 16x and below on a desktop drive will use a Costant Linear Velocity (same speed across the entire disc) and will usually result in very good to excellent results on quality CD-R media.

My favourite drive for this purpose is my NEC ND-4551A drive using 16x burn speed. See this thread.

Don’t assume that 1x burning will maximize the burn quality with modern drives and CD-R media, because that simply isn’t true. If there’s some specific reason besides burn quality that forces you to burn at 1x, then I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for you.

Try a PIONEER A05 if you can find one.