Single Session Plextools

Can I use this feature on my 1210a? I have fw 1.08. Must I upgrade it( to be able to use this function?)

The option is available with firmware v1.10. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work with v1.08 as well.

Thanks for your reply!!!
Plextor had told me that 1210 didn’t support this feature, I’m happy they weren’t right.

I haven’t tried this option with the Plextor 121032, but the check box is available in PlexTools. Usually, when an option is available, it is because the MMC codes from a burner show capability of this type of action.

If Plextor says the 121032 doesn’t support this feature, I would try it to confirm or disprove their statement.

Hi Inertia,
I haven’t yet tried to upgrade the firmware but if you can check the box I think everything is ok, I have firmware 1.08 and the box is “ghost”