Single Session on RAW CD

I hope I’ve got the right place - cdfreaks seems to have changed shape since I last logged on!

Basically, I have some code which uses RAW mode to write CDs (I’m writing CD+G). And it works pretty well and has been working for a couple of years.

However, we’ve come across a few cases where we have a problem when the last track is played. The player finishes the last track but then re-seeks something, either for a while followed by an Error indicator or forever.

This only happens with some players (cheaper ones mainly) and only happens when the disc is burned on some recorders (e.g. Plextor 800 works fine, Plextor 860 has this problem).

My current (vague) theory is that it is something to do with multi-session. I think that the awkward drives (Plextor 860) aren’t correctly closing the session and most drives don’t care but some do.

I’m writing the lead in entirely in mode 1. It seems to me from the MMC spec that that should be all I need - I would need to write something in mode 5 if I WANTED multi-session, but not other wise.

Multi-session is set to zero in my Write Parameters Mode Page, but I’m not clear if this applies to RAW mode.

I am NOT calling CLOSE TRACK/SESSION, because I did not think it applied to RAW mode (not required for CD mastering feature).

I’m not sure what to do next so any suggestions would be very gratefully received.