Single pass xvid encoding for dvb s recordings

This method uses only FREEWARE tools and the only applications you need to install are the Xvid codec ( if you don’t have this already ) and AviSynth.

This is a single pass encode which will save time and can be used for playback in a Xvid DVD player OR just on your PC.

Yes, there are a lot of pictures, but this is only to show it ‘step by step’

To make the script just open up a text editor and copy the text shown in the picture and save it as 640 x 352.avs

If you have a 64Bit cpu, there is a change in options with DGIndex to utilise your CPU - last picture in this series

Freeware Tools




Additional Info regarding 64 Bit CPU’s

Hey, good guide!

I see you like AltDVB. :wink:

Hi Chef :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve always stuck with Alt-DVB, for me it uses very little resources and has always worked. I have tried ProgDVB but on several ocassions it failed to initialise my Skystar2 card, so I stopped trying. As they say if it’s not broken there’s no need to fix it :iagree:

I should have explained that the Xvid configuration shown above is simply a quick solution for people to encode their satellite recordings, however if you want quality then a 2 pass encode is recommended. Tools like Gordian Knot or the automated version AutoGK will give you better results.