Single layer and double layer burning issues



I was using the trial version of DVDFAB with no issues…I then bought the program and when I go to copy a movie I get " Media inserted in drive E is single layer. Please insert double layer media to start write process." I will stop it start it over and after a couple of tries it will write it. It’s just very frustrating It will write it but only after like 10 times of coping it. What do I need to do to fix it??? .


Hello cgragg welcome to cdfreaks. Ok, at the bottom of dvdfab before you click start you have a choice DVD5 for single layer and dvd9 for double layer. Choose the dvd5 and let us know if this fixes your problem


thank you soooo much. It fixed my issue!!! Thanks!!!


Thank you so much for this site! I was having the same issue and I was able to resolve it with your post CJ. Thanks!!!