Single large vob file

What software can i use to rip a whole dvd movie to a single vob file?? I managed to rip a movie with dvd decrypter into a 3 gb vob file, and than converted it to divx, but that dvd movie had only one “pcg” segment in video_ts. All other movies i try to rip with dvd decrypter have multiple “pcgs”, that i can only rip separately, thus resulting multiple vob files. And i want a single large vob file to convert into divx. Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance!


Use Tmpgenc DVD Author from Pegasys Inc.

choose add DVD, then select copy files to hdd, it will generate only one mpeg file
which you can convert to divx then

Both Dvdshrink and Dvddecrypter give you the option to either split or not to split the vob files into 1gb. Shrink it is under “preferences, output files”. Dvddecrypter it is under “file, settings”.

I’ve been looking for an answer to this too. I just read the tutorial for AutoGK and you don’t have to have a single file. If the files are named ***_01.vob ***_02.vob etc, AutoGk knows to move from one file to the next. So what you would do is select the Copy Main Movie option in DVDFab and then select the largest stream, and then once decrypted tell AutoGK to start with the first vob file and it will continue automatically to all the vob files in the folder.

Here is the tutorial:

CloneDVD mobile can do this.

Use DVDFab, free program. Choose ‘Open Disc’ or ‘Open Files’ depending on where you are ripping the movie from. Go to Edit | Preferences and click on ‘output files’ tab at the top. Uncheck, if it isnt already, [I]‘Split VOB files into 1GB chunks (recommended.)’.[/I] Then simply backup to your hard drive and the main movie title set should now be merged into one vob file, probably ‘VTS_01_1’.

What’s the point? AutoGK handles vobs if they are named consecutively so there’s no need for one large file. Problem is with episodic discs that have all eps in one PGC but that won’t be solved by one large file either, you gotta split per episode.