Single IMTOO file from DVD to Hard drive?

My goal is to Rip and entire DVD to a SINGLE mpeg2 file using IMTOO and then recode it to a .mp4 using Nero Recode 2 which I would play on my D-Link.

I’ve tried highlighting ‘Title-01’ and selecting ‘File/Rip-selected’ as instructed in paragraph 8 of However, I get a folder (Title-01) with individual chapter files. I was expecting one file combining all the chapters. I’ve tried output profiles of .avi, .vob, etc. with no luck.

I could settle for the individual chapters if I could find a way to get Nero Recode2 to combine all the chapters when I recode them to a .mp4 file.


Hi Paul,
I think this forum is so late for you, but I will try my best to solve your question.
Now look at the picture below:

You can control whether chapters can be seen in the list or not by pressing the button between “Title” and the red one.

Please try it if you want to convert only title without any chapters

Thank you, I have software that show to compare them.

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