Singapore to jail and fine software pirates

Off with their drives…

I just posted the article Singapore to jail and fine software pirates.

 sidz used our news submit to tell us that from next  year Singapore will be introducing new jail terms and fines for people that  break internet copyright laws or software laws. People who are...
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Isn’t this the place where you get flogged for dropping chewing gum on the ground?

this is a good, law. A balace between allowing people to dowmload and killing those that pirate a lot or use piracy to get money

@Crabbyappleton: Er… I see that there’s a lot of misconceptions about Singapore. We don’t flog people simply for dropping chewing gum… used to be a fine at the most, now chewing gum is no longer an issue as part of the FTA with USA.

Sorry masotime- that was out of line for me. I apologise! It was intended as just a joke. Trust me I am on a roll today making boneheaded decisions. But, thanks for straightening me out! :slight_smile:
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The FTA is just another way for the 'World Policemen" to enforce their laws and commerciality onto other countries! The British Empire once plundered other lands to enrich their ruling class, the Americans have found a more supple way of doing it, and it’s called a 'Free Trade Agreement". They con other countries into signing an agreement that offers 'Free Trade" (what sap would think you could reach a unilateral agreement with another party that is far stronger than you, economically and militarily) then proceed to have those countries change their laws to coincide with theirs (America’s)! They might as well say 'I’ll bend over while you rape me"!

Not that I agree with all things copyright but doesn’t the US have an obligation to protect it’s industries? These are the industries that provide company tax to the US Government so that roads, hospitals, schools and defence etc. funding can be maintained. If China was making all the software I’m sure they wouldn’t be as tolerant of piracy as they are now.

@DonL: Er… I think you are reading too much into the FTA… the FTA actually benefits Singapore more than USA IMO… and just changing some of our laws hardly constitutes “I’ll bend over while you rape me”…

Say, didn’t I read somewhere that in many high rise residential buildings in Singapore have camera’s installed in the lifts, due to locals abusing these facilities in more ways than one. As for the FTA, in Australia, we have no financial advantage and/or elimination of primary export quota limits for at least between 18 to 20 years. There is no limit on imports ex USA though, alas, our dear leaders are allowing continuing rape. :c

The whole free trade deals with the US usually means they are free to trade whatever they want into your country, but as soon as you want to trade something to them, haha good luck. As a Canadian, I have seen it for the last 15-20 years. They embargo our wood, have all sorts of tarrifs cause we are “undercutting” and “subsidizing” or logging companies. Just cause we have lots of trees and can sell them at a cheap price, and they were stupid enough to cut down all theirs, and have to have high prices on their wood. Yet everytime there is a hurricane or some other disaster where they need lots of wood, they mysteriously let as much as they want into the country. Free trade is only ever good for the states. They screw every country they make an agreement with, and if you try to say anything to the countrary to their government, it falls on deaf ears because they are too busy listening to whoever has the most money to make the next law.

Hmmm… doesn’t sound good :frowning: Thanks for the information though…

same with the steel-industry. The old unmodernized factories in the US cant really compete with the ones from Asia and Europe. But - as US-presidents have promised - they are going to SAVE all the employees. I wanna see how if not by some xxed up trading rules. Here in Germany we lost thousands of Jobs and the biggest companies have merged (Thyssen&Krupp).

The FTA is popularly referred in Australia as the F**K The Australian (FTA) agreement.

Actually icepax thats “F**k the Australians”…:X

Thats odd. Which Australians exactly Sherrif? Australian industry supports the FTA. But I guess it’s to be expected that you wouldn’t support anything that involved the US. We are in fact getting f**ked by the Middle East from high oil prices.
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Singapore is one of the safest places in the world and it probably has alot to do with corporal punishment. You can actually walk around anywhere at night and feel safe. They also have a good immigration policy. I wish Australia followed Singapore’s Law and Order policies and our streets would be alot better off.

All I did was correct icepax…but since you asked…Sugar exports were excluded, beef export quotas were to be phased in over time, the next 18 years, while import quotas (from usa) were enacted immediately. The changes to the PBS would have made most prescription medicines to expensive for most australians (particularly the elderly) and australia would have become a dumping ground for american drug companies. Sure some australians were happy with it, those that benefited, greed is not exclusive nor does it have boundaries…BTW haven’t you got your green card and pissed off yet ??.. :X

Couldn’t say it better myself, Sherrif. Maybe our foreign friends should read the US version of the FTA with Australia. I’m sure there will be some “eye-openers” in their to satisfy Americans’ curiosity…

Well you know the PBS changes were changed so you don’t have to worry about the price of your anti psychotic meds going up anymore :g (there was no actual proof that meds would have gone up anyway). I’m fully content living in Australia so I don’t need a green card. The US is great for a holiday. I don’t agree with everything that goes on there. In today’s paper I see John Kerry is trying to win votes by shooting geese and proving he is some kind of hunter. Some plot to get on side with the gun lobby.