Singapore nets record piracy haul - 17 busted

I just posted the article Singapore nets record piracy haul - 17 busted. reports that the Signapore police in island-wide raid succeeded in arresting 17 people and seizing almost $1 million worth of goods. The hunt on professional pirates in Signapore was…

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Spitting your gum out on the street is already a criminal offense in Singapore.

But the streets are clean there…something I can’t say of Holland :frowning:

Ive been to Singapore its a depressing place :r nothing to do, except to eat. Also, its like visiting California because everyone over there are Westernize :o Whats the point of going to a place where the place is where you come from?

This is about cracking down on people who copy and sell so all is ok. The problem is that they could face some jail time. They should only have to pay a fine.