Singapore implicated as most important piracy transport hub

I just posted the article Singapore implicated as most important piracy transport hub.

More news on piracy today as reports that Singapore has been implicated as most important transit centre for pirated DVDs produced in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Although the country is the…

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All I can say is I am so sick and tired of the copyright industries in the US bitching about how much money they lose because of piracy. It is just bullshit that the US would enforce trade sanctions with other countries just because they allow piracy to go on. The USA is behaving like they can dictate the whole world. These other countries need to step up and show the USA that they do not dictate the whole world. The real scarry thing is that the next step could be that the USA will enforce trade sanctions on these countries if they don’t crack down on home copying. That would be as scarry as hell!!! It would also be as scarry as hell if the USA by themselves started cracking down on home copying!!! Steps of certain things in a process can be taken too far and get out of control.

the real “scarry” thing here is your spelling…:7

This is so stupid. Have any of these genius’ actually thought this through. Here is a country in which the average worker will get paid less per month than what you get a day, and they wonder why the piracy rate is so high?

If you knew anything about international trade and/or world history, the US can and should enforce international treaties with countries that sign an intellectual copyright agreement. There is no rule/law that says that the US has to do business/trade with any particular country. Just like you don’t have to buy from a particular vendor if you don’t want to, the US can pick who they want to do business with. As part of doing business with the US (it’s call international trade by the way if you don’t know), the US can stipulate terms and conditions. Just like how you can do the same when you ‘negotiate’ with someone to buy/sell things. One of those stipulations is their need to respect international copyright laws, that are drafted and ratified by most developed/civilized nations. So, before you b*tch and moan about how the US shouldn’t and can’t dictate how another country should crack down on illegal copying, maybe you should realize that they agreed to do so when they ratified the treaty and decided to do business with the US. Maybe if you paid attention in class, you’d know this and you wouldn’t come off sounding like a complete idiot. I’ve read so many of your lame a$$ posting, and you offer absolutely zero intelligence to the discussion at hand.

Bane, Bane, Bane, Bane…don’t you know better? I’ve you have REALLY read numerous posts before, then you would know by now that you can’t intelligently discuss most topics with certain users here. Trust me, I’ve tried, but in the end they’ll resort to a simple, “I believe what I believe, and that’s it” rationale and simply leave it at that. I’ve tried not to reply anymore, as much as I am often tempted to—it’s like shouting at a wall. That being said, I of course totally agree with you on what you’ve said, but I would take it even one step further: even if the US were not involved in any kind of agreement with pirate-rich nations like Singapore, I believe they would still have the right to protect their interests (e.g., the rights of American companies who produce/develop software, which is then pirated by foreign individuals). And Wolverine, I know, I know…you believe that all forms of digital entertainment is “born and meant to be free”, but thankfully our world isn’t like that, nor will world leaders tolerate such a view. To do so would completely discourage the most talented individuals from engaging in developing games, movies, software, etc. Just my two cents.

Maybe the US should stop trading with other countries. That would be nice. Maybe companies would stop packing up, and moving to other countries to aquire cheap labor. Then they try to sell it to us for full price and can’t figure out why they’re having a bad year because they fired all the people that could actually afford and wanted to buy their product. But you’ll have that.

Gotta do something fun, since chewing gum is against the law… :g

I agree with CHSbiking a lot. My job just got packed up a shipped to India. If people dont like the US then they can make there own shit and deal with Madass (aka Sadam) when he tries to take over the world. As the worlds only remaining superpower I think we deserve a little leeway (sp?) on how we do things. Again just my 2 cents as well. :7

That’s not the worst of it though. The worst of it is. Once they’ve packed up and moved to another country and got their cheap labor. That cheap labor allows them to stay in business for years complaning about how their losing profits and bad years because the economy is slowing down. Well I wonder why it’s slowing down? The first companies that packed up and moved did save a lot of money because there were still plenty of jobs here. But now there’s not. Hopefully they’ll learn that there’s a fixed cost to everything if they make their product at half price they can only expect to sell it at half price. There’s no economy here because there’s no jobs. If you make it in another country with employess that make six cents a year. Sell your shit to people in that country who make six cents a year. But if you want the American economy to pick up so we can buy your shit, bring your happy ass over here and give us jobs so we can afford to buy your shit. If you pay close attention you’ll realize that the working class can live without everyone else. But the system doesn’t work without the working class. Take care of us, and we’ll take care of you.