Since there is so many questions about burners and CloneCD



I get messed up hehe.

I got an Liteon 24W*10RW*40R, 2048 Kb cache, Burn Proof

What's the perfect settings for copying each (That can) game and program ? Or do I need that patch ?? (Hmmm I finally got big time real lost :confused: )


First you should use ClonCD Default Setting to write the
image (make sure that you make the image with your
CDR โ€œLite-Onโ€).

To write image only check (aws) if you can
You do not need to but it can only help

This works for me

Play To Win :smiley:


Look here & read this


Thx to both of you :slight_smile:

And I bookmarked the url :smiley: