Since I know nothing compared to some of you I ask you how I do this

LTR-40125S–>LTR-48125W, possible, mediatek chipset. [Personally tested]

I jsut got a Cendyne which is actually a LTR-40125S and I am wondering how exactly I go about upgrading it as stated by The BurnMaster OC-Freak???
Thanks for any and all help on this!!


Please read the sticky in this forum, it explains everything so well…

OK I have read that but I went to the Firmware link and I see a few things in there for the model I have and I am not sure which to use. Can anyone please advise?? Thanks again.


all you need is mtkflash and a binary file VS02 and VS06 seems to be the best. I prefer VS02.

Then follow the mtkflash guide.

You have once again saved me Thanks!!!