Since CD are not reliable because they might have error anyone tried network intall?

I’m pretty new to optical writing technology and i would like to seek the advice of fellow foumers. Which way would be a better / stable way of installing an OS. Thru an optical drive (what we normally do right?) or thru network installation (since they don’t have a single error)?

Who says a network can’t have a single error? Of course it can, along with CD’s and every other part in your computer. Either one having errors is unlikely but possible, and Windows will tell you if a file was not copied correctly anyway. During setup, Windows scrutinizes the files, checking their content and crc values, so it should catch any problems and refuse to install.

For CD’s, I’d say it comes down to media quality and what kind of condition the disc is in. If the CD is in good shape, whether original or copy, you could install it a hundred times and it will work perfectly, unless something is wrong with your drive or the disc itself (for example a copy on poor quality media, or bad burn). If it’s a bit scratched up, then it may depend on your CD drive, if it’s a good reader or not. But again, Windows should catch any of these problems and refuse to install. I don’t see why anyone would consider a network install better, unless it just does it faster.

Cos i’m considering for linux to do that… Very sure that windows MD5 sum every file copied? What kinda of error could the network have?

I’m pretty sure Windows checks every single file. I’ve had times where a bad CD drive or bad RAM caused a file to be copied incorrectly, and Windows has caught it every time and stops the install, forcing me to correct the issue before I can install.

As far as networks having errors, all I’m saying is that any device that inputs/outputs can have errors if it’s not working correctly. You could have possibly a bad network cable, bad network card, corrupted HDD your copying from, among other things. Or you can have a scratched CD if loading from that. Just do it either way it’ll be fine, it will crap out if it isn’t. Personally I’d rather do it from CD because there’s no risk of virus and other such things, but that’s just me.