Sin City Problems Burning

Hey Guys Im Still somewhat a Newbie but have not run into a problem yet before but, I Just can’t seem to get Sin City to work. Ive tried any combination of AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and 1 Click DVD Copy.
DVD Shrink I goto Open the Disk and it comes up with an error saying"Failed to read file"
Actually every program Im using cant make it half way through the disk…Im not sure if its new protection or something else…any suggestions?

sounds more like the disk has mastering errors.

Thats what I was thinking Im going to try tomorrow on a new disk

I just made a perfect back up with DVD shrink, you probably have a bad disk! :frowning:

Same here. You must have a bad copy – just backed up SC with DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink for authoring and DVD Rebuilder w/CCE for final pre-burn master. Suberb copy!

I can’t get Sin City to copy either. Brand new disc, no scratches. All ripper programs hang-up in the same spot - about 84% through. I hope it’s as simple as a “bad disc”, but this has happened to me a couple of times now. Maybe it’s a new kind of encryption…?

try the folowing combo, dvdfab decrypter+dvd shrink
if you have anydvd uninstall it first

have you guys tried other software beside DVD Decrypter like nero, roxio and others?

Have you sent the .ifo files to SlySoft? If not, they will not fix the problem. (How could they?)

I’ve tried DVD Decryptor comes out errors. I went for VOB Blanker then to Shrink and burn without problems

when useing VOB blanker…is it safe to just “cut” out stuff you dont want? does anyone know of a tutorial for safeley cutting out stuff

like…i want to cut everything but the movie itself, no special features, no previews

for the most part, yes, you can just blank whatever you want with vob blanker. i had one dvd that “broke” whenever it was run through vob blanker (Dodgeball), but other than that, i’ve never had problems. just make sure to test the finished product on your computer before burning it onto a dvd.

I just got a backup using FAB Platinum, video looks sharp & dandy but no audio.
What gives?

ok, I’ve got one for you here concerning Sin City. I’m new and noob fellas, could really use a hand. I have the recut extended sin city decrypted onto hd. It is insanely large with all the extras and such. Thing is using dvd shrink, i cannot preserve menus using re-author. I cannot remove previews just by trying to delete the title in the shrink sidebar folder list. Shrink warns me that proceeding will lose data.

I’ve tryed using clonedvd2 to burn the decrypted (non-iso format), and removed everything but the main movie, english, and director comments… and it wants to give me about 76% on a dvd-5.

If anyone has tryed this rip, how on earth did you pull it off? Each disk is apparently too massive for me to shrink properly into an iso fittable on single layer. I’ve tryed cutting it up 6 different ways, even removing menus, the original or main movie file is too large or long. Suggestions? I don’t care about the extras at this point, I’d just like both versions of the main movie on one disk each. 2 disks, 1 version per. No extras.

7.50 gb is the recuts
7.45 gb original

I just bit the bullet and re-authored. Disregard last post please.