Sin City: Disk copies without sound



Ripped it with AnyDVD and copied with CloneDVD … the end result had perfect video but no sound.

So I turned off AnyDVD and ripped with DYD decrypter and copied with DVD Shrink. Same result … no sound.

Movie’s before and after had no problems. Just this one. Any advice?


Well i backed mine up and it worked fine… im guessing that your removing the title menu, and that has messed it up for some people. So try re-copying with the menu. Also this has already been posted. Try searching:p.


For gosh sake … please do a cdf search before you post a question! It only takes a couple of seconds to find out if your answer already exists.

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You are absolutely right. I did go back and use the search and there it was. Sorry for being so lazy … it won’t happen again. My bad.

I did as recommended and using the DVD remote changed the audio to Dolby … and there was the sound.



Cool. Your fixed. BTW: If you’ve never heard DTS sound through a good surround sound setup, you will choose it over Dolby on every movie it is available. But you’ve got to have an amp that decodes DTS-ES 6.1 surround.


I noticed in the other forum you said: “BTW, since you already own CloneDVD and AnyDVD, you don’t need to use the freewares, Clone & Any handle this movie just fine. It’s just your methodology that’s incorrect.”

Just so I am clear on this … you are saying I don’t need to use DVD Decrypter? I just use CloneDVD and it will rip, shrink and record so long as I have AnyDVD running? If so, woo woo! That means I can eliminate one step.


Yes. Clone dvd can shrink, and anydvd removes protection. Thats all you need, and its how i did it and my dvd works perfectly (and i watched it yesterday)


Yes, you are most definitely correct. All you need is the Slysoft combo. Furthermore, CloneDVD and AnyDVD are updated to handle new problem protections and DVDD and Shrink are no longer updated. People formed love affairs that have lasted years with both these freewares so one has to give credence and allow respect for the fondness old timers hold for these two freewares.

When you graduate to dual layer burning, you may want to revisit DVDD (or it’s new incarnation ImgBurn) for its ability to create easy ISO files. But, if you feel more comfortable staying with Slysoft, Clone[B]CD[/B] has just been updated to do the same thing.