Simultaneous multiple burning in Nero 7?



My church has 5 CD burners (4 internal, 1 external) on a WIN XP Pro, and we were told that we would be able to burn on all 5 drives (actually, we were told that we could burn to unlimited drives with Nero 7) by Nero. But we can’t figure out how to do it. In the section “current recorder,” I can see all five drives but I can only select one at a time. Does anybody know how to do this? Do we use Nero Express 7? (I’m confused at all the applications that Nero installs).



Hi brumby_nw
When the person who you told that you[B] would be able to burn on all 5 drives [/B] I don’t think they was talking about at the same time, also the part about [B]could burn to [U]unlimited drives[/U] with Nero 7[/B] what I think they meant to say was…you can use any CD/DVD Writer (burner) that is on the market


I can currently burn with 2 dvd burners, ( I have burned cd’s, and dvd’s 2 up) using Nero 7. Under the burn tab you choose “use multiple burners” and then have a blank in each drive, and I get a box up each time I hit the burn button to choose which drive, then I hold control and select both drives. I don’t know how many is the limit, but this works for me. Good Luck.


Hi pacmac
That is good to know I didn’t know you could do it, boy this old man just learned something :smiley: , I guess it is true [B]never to old to learn[/B] thanks for the info pacmac :bow: :bow: :bow: