Simultaneous burning solutions ( using a PC )

I would like to know if you people could share your personal experiences on this.
I would like to know whats the best way to connect at least 6 burners (cd/dvd) and get them all burning at same performance as each one alone does.

What kind of interfase (SCSI/FIREWIRE/USB2/SERIALATA), any specific burner that does a better job working simultaneously with anothers, etc

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Well - it sure is a heck of a job to get 6 burners operating in tandem …
Traditional IDE channels are going to be tough --> you will definitely need a dedicated IDE controller card.
Am not sure if there are S/ATA burners yet … it would help if there are.
Maybe you can try using the bridge from ATA to S/ATA present in most cards today …
Anyways you’ll probably want to have one device per channel … that will probably be the easiest

I would probably guess USB2 might not cut it as well - but I might be mistaken.

Also don’t forget how/where would you plug the hard drives that supply the data to burn …

Interesting … you’ll definitely have to experiment with various options - am not sure if anyone here has a setup to burn on 6 drives at the same time !

If you don’t mind my asking, why do you need this setup to begin with ?!?!

I’m not even sure the system bus on your computer has the bandwidth to do this. Your talking a lot of data that needs to be there NOW. Not as big a deal with the +R(W) formats where you can stop anytime and restart at the next block (well ECC block).

If doing ATA you need one device per channel. That includes your harddrive.

I’m starting to like 1394 (firewire) for these issues. USB is in theory just as good, but the other things people attach to USB are more likley to slow things down. It also isn’t the ugly hack that ATA is. (I havn’t checked SATA, but I belive that is a lot better) However you can only get so many drives on the BUS before it saturates.

I can’t recall the data transfer rates on harddrives, DVD drives, nor the PCI bus. I recomend you look them up before you get too far as it seems to me that you will be exceeding something. Don’t forget to leave room for overhead so the rest of your system doesn’t have to stop completely. Don’t forget that you will have 6Xs the traffic on the harddisk, likely more than it can transfer. (and the limit is the drive, not the bus) If you want to burn the same thing to all 6 drives you get more room, but only if you have a program that is designed to do this.

Check THIS out. It really depends on what you will be doing with the drives. If you’re burning the same job to multiple drives, configuration is not an issue and you can have 2 on one channel. If you’re burning multiple jobs to multiple drives, then it starts to get interesting. :wink:

The idea is to burn 1 same job on multiple drives. I have brough those DUAL IDE to Firewire adapters and did some tests.

Got 2 LG 4040b burners and used alcohol120 to burn a same imagefile and it sucks, each one burns at 1.4X at most. Replaced those LG with Pionners A05 and each one burned at 4X without problems.
I conected 2 units to 1 same Ide to firewire adapter, so its like on a normal ide connection, there is one in master and slave mode.

Later I tested with 2 cdrw drives, Aopen 52x24 and they always ends as bad burns, its gives a command set error at 10% burning process.
I will try to get 2 plextor48x to test, but until now, I figured some drives could work on simultaneously and others not.

If there is someone that found something else not already said here, please share it :slight_smile:

I’m not clear on what hardware/interface you are actually using there. But I suspect your issues are due to the interface.
Anyway, the only hard rule for burning simultaneously to multiple drives is that they must be identical drives with the same FW and same media. You can usually put 2 on one internal IDE channel and burn that way without problem.

Im using a PCI firewire adapter on a P4 PC.
I got 4 adapters so I could connect up to 8 drives , but just placing 2 on 1 same adapter gives me performance problems.

Both drives on each test are same fw and media brand.

i have an asus cuv4x-e motherboard running a p3 1ghz and 640ram. I currently have two 80gb wester digital hd in ide 1, and a btc dvd-rom on ide 2 as master. I have a pci ultra ata 133 ide controler card with 2 lite-on ldw-411s, both on master(one in each ide).

With this setup i hAVE no troubles what so ever in burning simultaneously, and i always burn at 4x!! I use nero v6.xxxxx to do both burn at once, and it only consumes from 2-4% of processor speed when burning both at a time, so i can easily add two more to the equation!!!

LIttle thing to take into mind is that both dvdrw are using one ide each(master), both have same firmware FSOH, my controler card is pci, and always use same media at same time!! And ive been doing this for well over 6 months now with no problems at all!!

ps: my friend is also running two of the same dvdrw as me with same firmware on a HP computer without a controlercard(one master, one slave) and he has no problems either using nero v6.xxxx

oh and by the way Burning with alcohol and even dvddecrypter!!! uses more processor power than using NERO during the burning process, you can even check to see!!!