Simultaneous burning of 2 discs



I kept my LG GSA-4040B after I got my LG GSA-4163B and am wondering if there is any reason not to burn with each drive at the same time…?


Yes you can. The optimized way is to put those drives in separate IDE channel. If you put them in the same channel, they will share the same IDE bandwidth thus you might not be able to reach the max speed.


i have burned with a nec 2500 and 3500 @8x simultaneously many times…


i burn multiple copies on my 716s quite often… they’re setup as sole Masters on each IDE channel. some say they’ve successfully burned 2 DIFFERENT things simultaneously using 2 instances of an application and 2 different HDDs as sources…i’ve never done this myself though (but may try it eventually).


Just keep in mind, the maximum write speed will be limited to the lowest maximum speed of the selected drive(s).
In your case 4x for DVD+/-R´s. :wink:


Keep in mind this is only true when burning the same images twices.
When burning different images you don’t have this problem.


There are very few hard drives that will be able to burn 2 different discs at 8x. If you stagger the burns so that one is at 4x while the other is at 8x , it’s easier.


Of course you can …
If you’re using easy dvd media creator 7 or Nero Burning Rom 66013 you can use simultaneous recorders ! Maybe some other burning software can give you the same capability !!!


Use RecordNow MAX. You can burn more than 2 discs at the same time.