Simulation problem with Nero 5.5.8

I bought a new 32x lite-on burner and and got nero 5.5.6 bundle program and I could not do simuation burns on it. So I upgraded it to 5.5.8 but still I cannot do simulation burns on it.

I diabled smart burn in the compilation info and then I could check mark simulation. Then I put a file in the ISO1 browser and hit burn. In the next dialog box the test (simualtion only) and test and burn options were disabled. I dont know whether this is the full version of nero i am using?

I have windows 98 SE, 128 mb RAM.

PS: Inertia, sorry for making the mistake in my previous thread, this won’t happen again. Thank you.

Also in the Compilation info dialog box, TAO is disabled, is there anyway this can be chaged to DAO?

Well I could finally do simulations but only at 16x :(, even though I put a 32x CDR. As soon I try to increase the write speed more than 16x the Smart-Burn (buffer underrun protection) got checked and simulation option got disabled. Which means all the time I am actually burning at 16x. Any ideas!

Check my post

I think many burner manufacturers are saying we don’t need simulation if burn-proof is available.

Why are you so keen to use simulation - I never bother (PX1210S):confused:

Well simulations are useful when you want to check the writing speed with different settings or different CDR media and you don’t actually want to waste the CDR media.

I am having some problem with my writing speed and I am trying a few configuration with my hardware setup like CDRW master or slave and then upgrading my BIOS, chipset and IDE bus drivers and for each setting I want to test if it improved the speed. So simulations help in that case.

I checked the thread and their links, but they only deal with INCD. I did not find anything about simulations and about DAO, SAO.

OK, when Nero starts, the Wizard should open as the 1st window, “Close Wizard” will then bring up the “New Combilation” window where you should find all of the “Options” of the settings for the different types of burns and what to do speed wise, in the “Burn” tab, etc. etc
Trust this will help you.
HOWEVER, you must read the manual or help file as to what and how to do it.

Well I did just that, closing the wizard and starting from the burn option. Here I was able to check simulation but only at 16x write speed, as soon I tried to increase the speed the Smart-Burn got checked and simulation got disabled.

The manual which is online does not help much, infact it instructs to use the wizard. I haven’t tried the help file but help files seldom help, you know what I mean.

Yes I know what you mean.
In your 1st post you said, 32x. What is the rest of the numbers please (? 32x 10x 8x or what) I want to determine Read, Write and re-write speed. Please give numbers as listed on package of CD-RW.

I am sorry, I should have specified that. It is a Lite-on 32x12x40x
and the model no. is LTR-32123S.

So, this CD-RW Reads at 40x, Writes at 32x and Rewrites at 12x
In the Nero folders, you should have “Nero Toolkit” folder, in that there is “Nero CD Speed” and “Nero DriveSpeed” use these to test and set your speed to “Maximum” Under “File” -> “Options”
and then perform tests. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Ok I will try doing that with different CDR media (16x, 24x and 32x) and setting the read and write options as maximum.