Simulation mode in latest Nero

Just installed the latest Nero ( and now find that I can’t get out of simulation mode when doing a disc to disc copy of a dvdr.
Every time it says the this is the first time copying at this speed, even though I’ve just been through it all previously.
Anyone else come across this in the latest Nero and better still how to overcome it ?
Deep down I knew I should have stuck with a good working version ( which I’ve now gone back to.

Chris. :a

Ive ran in to the very same problem… any one know how to fix this???

I have installed and it works fine for me, haven’t had a problem with any of it’s features so far.

I have similar problems since i have upgraded to This only occurs when i try to copy a DVD or a CD “on the fly”.

I cannot remember that Nero asked me to enable simulation because it is the first on the fly copy it does in previous versions.

Anyone has an idea or is this simply a bug?

Same problem,

This version seems to have fixed my quality problem of writing on yellow DataWrites with my DVR-107D (A07), so can’t go back to old version.

Please help.

Anyone know when the next version is out?

Same thing happens with mine. Not a problem really so much as an annoyance.

I noticed on my system that I could do a simulation on my Liteon but NOT on my Nec DVD writer (on DVD-r media).
Strange is not it?

I lost simulation, too. Interesting to see that I’m not alone.

I’ve been using DVD Decrypter to simulate burns now instead of Nero…