Simulating a anamorphic transfer from a letterboxed one?

While checking out TMPGenc Plus and others, I noticed some menus which make for my question.

Is it possible to simulate an anamorphic transfer using a letterboxed one as source, by flagging it on software like the above to be anamorphic ?

I realize the resolution diferential, but from my perspective as a 16:9 TV user, that seems like a viable, possibly preferential alternative to relying on the TV or player zoom capabilities (which in one word, suck) to blow up the image.

Possible in theory ? Easy to do ? Anyone tried it ?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Anyone ?

As in, flagging a originally non-anamorphic transfer to be automatically recognized as a 16:9 signal in a 16:9 screen ? I don’t know how many more ways there are of saying this, I hope I’m being clear enough. :slight_smile:

The software DVD Rebuilder can do it. It is a AVS script option.

You need to use a encoder with it. I suggest using Quenc as it is freeware.

Whatever process you use, basically the black bars top and bottom need to cropped off. That would them make the original 4:3 image to a 16:9 image and if anamorphic is turned on, bingo ! thats what you want. Thats exactly what ReBuilder does :slight_smile:

I converted the old R1 X Files film from letterbox to 16:9 and it came out rather well. I did the same with R2 of The Abyss and it didn’t come out so well.

I think NTSC sources comes out the best from the conversion process.