Hi all, im not new to burning stuff just a n00b to these forums :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to ask a question though i bought the sims 2 and i always make backups of my games. I took the images from the discs (alcohol 120%) and then extracted the image using ISO Buster and then i burn’t it with the latest version of nero 6. They are fine at the installation but when it asks for cd 1 to play the game it loads so far and says: ‘Please insert the correct CD-ROM and click retry to continue’ and it is CD 1!

Do you know what the problem is?!?!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

oh dude, the isobuster extraction part is what i cannot understand. that, i would think, has destroyed the image. just use alcohol to create an iso image. ue safedisc 2/3 profile. then burn to cd with alcohol.

Use alcohol 120% trial version…what burner(s) do you have?

When extracting the image with isobuster you’ve lost the copy protection information, making the disc useless when trying to load the game. You only need alcohol, nothing else. :slight_smile:

Why not just read and write using Alcohol’s native format?