Sims2-Trying to make a perfect copy

We all know that the new sims2 game is of safedisc 2 protection, but when I sector scanned the disk is also had starforce on it as well. I have tried several methods of burning the copy and then testing the copy’s between the original file and the copied file using beyond compare. I used alcohol 120% blindwrite, nero, you name it I’ve tried it, but still cannot get the read errors out of it. Any suggestions? Thanks

We all know that its Safedisc 3.20.020 :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

You have a pirated/downloaded copy. Cant help you.

its your hardware not all cd burners can copy it lite on in combination with alcohol120 can do it

what? its probibly just he is using a old version of a-ray or something, what makes you think it is downloaded or pirate? :confused:

ben :slight_smile:

I would say from his no answer that would mean i am correct.

That’s a pretty stupid way of comdemning someone to have committed piracy. He could have got it working already, not needing our help. Or it could be a number of other reasons.

i have bought sims 2 and i am wanting to make a working copy of disc one for my sister so she stops taking my disc to play the game can anyone help

from the look of your drives it will depend mainly on your sisters drive wether it can red the copy, i would reccomend using alcohol 120% 1.9.2 read/write at 4x on the “SafeDisc 2/3” profile then try. if it fails a (allmost)_ foolproof way would be to use the new clonecd ( and just read/write using the “Protected PC Game” profile, just remember for this copy to work clonecd must be installed on your sisters computer and “Hide CD-R Media” enabled in the clonecd tray.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. @merther02 i really dont understand why you said it was a pirate copy? the reason he got safedisc 2 and startforce detected is he was using a old version of a-ray, just tried myself with a-ray

my computer and my sisters are identical (the top description in my sig) the other set is mt dads machine i listed it just incase it was better to write from his machine. So its the samsung drives the game has to work on. Which of the drives do you recomend using for reading and writing

definatly the LiteOn 321236, using the new clonecd, i very much doubt you can make a non emulated working copy :slight_smile:


Seems I missed this one…
Judge, Jury, and Executioner now are we?
In future you should at least have some proof before playing the hangman, it does little for the forum when you accuse people of piracy when you have no proof at all.

Perfect Copy of Sims 2 without the need for emulation hide cdr etc.etc.
Well how did i achieved such a copy…
Copied first disk using latest version of Alcohol,disks 2/3/4 copied using Clonecd. For reading i used my Liteon combo (52x32x52) at 12x. For writing
same drive used but only at 4x.
Installing game with Backup copy no problems whatsoever…plays perfectly
using my Liteon Combo (52x32x52).
Gigabyte Motherboard…GA8ihxp
Windows XP with Service pack 2 and all current updates.
512 mb RAMBUS memory
Creative Titanium 4400 Graphics card with 6681 beta Drivers
Liteon LDW 401 (original not modded)
Liteon LDW 411
Liteon LDW811 Latest firmware
Liteon Combo 52x32x52
Liteon LTD163
Liteon CD ReWriter 40x12x48
Yamaha YST-Msw5 subwoofer
Yamaha YST-200sp speakers.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Hi - I’m having problems copying the CD version of Sims2 as well. I’m using a Lite-On LDW-811S, firmware HSOR on WinXP SP2 (with all updates) and Alcohol 1.4.8 (build1222).

I’ve tried reading and writing images from the original CD1 using the both safedisc 2/3 and safedisc 1 options (one post on this site said that worked even though it’s the wrong protection). Each time I wrote the image at 4x instead of full speed with DAO RAW set and I tried burning to both CD-R and CD-RW discs. So far none of them work in either my Lite-On or my Toshiba DVD-ROM drive without emulation and I really want to make a copy that doesn’t require emulation.

I’m no expert, but in the past I sometimes found that there were files I could download and use with TwinPeak to tweak the image - does this exist for Sims2? What else can I try?

Nope, sorry. This is mainly used for the SecuROM protection versions 4.8x and up.

Ok, thanks Cyberwiz - now I understand that much at least. Does anyone have any suggestions for Sims2 without emulation?

Plextor Premium CD-RW drive should do it…
SafeDisc 3.2/4 backups are very hardware dependent, so a new burner is the only real way to make a un-emulated copy.

Ben :slight_smile:

did 1-2-1 copy of sims 2 using alcohol120% slow copy right down to 4x and the write to the same
using a lite on LTR-40125S cdrw
happy burning

I researched it before I bought the LDW-811S a year ago and at the time it could read and burn anything, but maybe Safedisc 2.9 was the most advanced protection then.

Styl3r - I tried reading and burning at 4x with Safedisc 1 and Safedisc 2/3 settings in Alcohol (see previous post). What settings did you use?

Does anyone else have any suggestions or is “get new hardware” the final answer?


used standard safedisk 2/3 settings with 4x read next page set safe disk 2/3 again and 4x write make sure you use your liteon drive to read and write do not copy on the fly worked for me anyway. i copied once on datawrite and a silver top printable disk don’t know what type the only protection which i expect you know is on disk 1 so you can use nero or anything to copy the other 3
hope you suceed happy burning