Sims2 open for business-Farstone virtual CD

I’ve been able to use other sims2 expansion packs by mounting them as a virtual cd with farstone virtual cd version 7. Open for business still asks for and needs the real cd disk in the drive to work. Would I need to upgrade to version 10 that’s out now? I have version 9 on a second computer that I bought as a single license. When I tried to install it on the computer that had open for business it rebooted during the driver installation and several system hardware components had to be reinstalled by windows. I’m assuming this is because I tried to install a single license program on a second computer and if I buy version 10 It will install with no problem? Thanks for your advice. :rolleyes:

Does anyone know the settings for alcohol 52 to get sims 2 open for business to work as a virtual cd? Thanks.

Hey, The only solution that i came up with was to make a full cd image of the game using CloneCd. I just made an image of the game. I then mounted it with Daemon, and it works fine. I’m not possitive but i think you can also make the image with Alcohol 120% with Datatype: “Custom” just check “Skip reading Errors.” Then mount the image and your set, have fun.

P.S. If u have any problems ask and i’ll be glad to help. :slight_smile: :wink: