Sims2 ISO created yet it still ask for a disk to play?

Dunno if this is the place to post this but…
I got my Sim2 DVD edition today (Whoohoo!) and as usual I create an ISO (I did this for my everygame)with Nero to use it with my virtual drive program (Daemon). Funny thing is, it still ask for the disk everytime I start to play . Is there any anti-crack software preventing me to do a backup? Crying or Very sad

BTW, to avoid any scratch, I dun play games with its disk in the drive (I bought these with my hard-earn money…)

Use the nocd crack on sims 2 and should play ok. Mine did.

NoCD cracks are illegal and so we don’t use them here, and besides, only the MONEY DVD crack works, and that only works with the international version of the disk (not the US one). It would be much simpler to just read with Alcohol 120% and then mount on Alcohol’s virtual drive. It is much more reliable than the cracks.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Why are no cd cracks illegal, not arguing just curious. Something to do with modifying the program?

Yes, modifying code that the user does not own. Only the company that made the game has rights to do this.


I can see philamber or portmac closing this thread quickly.

The only software that’s known to work with any DVD copy protection (EA uses safedisc DVD) is alcohol 120%. you can create a mdf & mds file and run it from you hard drive. It will not allow you to make a backup though, so that’s your only option.
download the demo of alcohol 120% to try.

and you won’t need some sad crack to play the game. :cop:

Just curious, then why is modifiying firmware not illegal then.

I think all of this is just a matter of opinion and you know what they say about opinions. :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Usually a modified firmware like liggy & dee’s change only write strategies for media (to improve quality or speed) and turn off or on features (like rip-lock for NEC drives.) Some manufactures now encrypt their firmwares and that makes it illegal to decript under the DMCA. Cracks, no-cdkey and other stuff is changing the code or altering the software in a way that bypasses a anti-copysystem that was installed with the product.

We do have the right to make a backup copy of the software just for that reason, backup. Everything here is completely legal

Unless the copyright holder has given permission, which may be express (rare) or implied/tacit (common), technically it is illegal.

Making a back-up copy of your firmware is legal but modifying it without permission is not.

This particular issue has caused the forum significant problems in the past and, no doubt, will do so again in the future.

However, any complaints made will continue to be dealt with on a case by case basis having regard to their specific circumstances.

Thanks for clearing that up, I had heard somewhere that it was okay to change write strategies for media and such, but your explination makes more sense

Yes, thx for the explanation. That puts somethings in prespective.