Sims2 error

I have recently bought sims2 CD version, and the cheap packaging that it comes in, the CD sits to tight and has now produced a nice crack that is slowly making it way across the entire CD… so I followed the instructions and made a image of Cd 1, cool, that worked, but in the process I installed a few programs like, cloneCD 4, and alcholol and all that, then it gave me a emulation software message, where I then uninstalled CloneCD and removed it from the registry, now it give a error message, saying Sims2.exe is stuffed, dont send and send report, you know the normal XP error message… now I cant play the game. and I aint spending cash on it again.

Please help…

take it back to where you bought it they should replace it

Tried, South Africans are full of… They wont take it back, they said I broke it. But the orginal Cd still works, but im worried that it is gonna pop in my Cd drive, but the game wont run with the orginal either… and i have done a reinstall

i had to handclean the registry for references to elby and clonecd last night at my parents so that the game would run there.

to do this, i opened regedit (run-> type “regedit”). then i searched for the strings “elby” and “clone”. i deleted every reference to elby, and most to clone. and then it ran.

i tried registry cleaner programs but they didnt find the references :confused:

ckin2001, no wonder you have as your sig. you run into damn weird problems… I’ve never had an issue with Sims 2, and I’ve run it from Clone CD, Alcohol 120%, original disc and so forth.

Hmmm, there was 100% a problem with the sims2 and alcohol 120% on my system. It was definitely the program that was causing it grief. Couldn’t load sims2 with it installed.

uninstalled clonecd over a year ago. it left remains from the image drive it had. its not my computer, so i dont know if they used the uninstall list to actually uninstall - which would explain the remaining fragments in the registry.