Sims2 burning help...?

hi, ive read through most of the posts etc, was wondering if anyone could help.

my setup is pioneer 107 / pioneer 108
is it possible to back up the sims 2 using these?


Did you try?

:iagree: no mate, am doing now lol


hey i downloaded hte sims 2… but… im having trouble burning it can you help me? i have no freakin clue how to do it… i burned them to cds now im stuck…

Downloading games is illegal and we will not help you get it working, go to the shop and buy the game if you want to play it.

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Hi everybody,
I’ve got a problem backing up my SIMS2 Holiday Edition.
I copied all 4 CDs by using Alcohol120% with
a Plextor PX712A (CD & DVD burner).
I installed the game from copies but when I run it I get
error when I use the copy and runs OK with original Disc 1
in the drive.
I did the burning for Disc 1 with original runing at x1 speed.

Please Help,

What datatype did you use?

Hi ashmo,
Sorry for the late reply. I was away.
I used TDK CD-RW.

I did not know there was a SIMS2 Holiday Edition?? Any way do you have any emulation programs on your computer? I would also use a CD-R.